NFT basics, applications
and potentials

NFT Seminar

Although no new technology is without the risk of bubble formation and violent correction phases, there are good reasons to believe that this will not happen so quickly with NFT on a larger scale. Innovation cycles seem to be particularly fast in NFT evolution. There is plenty new innovation coming along for the entire sector to be in danger of entering a downward phase in a timely manner.More and more people understand that a completely new value creation is opening up. In the long term, it is about nothing less than transforming the analog world into the digital one.

In our in-house- or online-webinar (Beginner | Advanced) , we provide you with interesting knowledge from the new Blockchain and NFT world.

Blockchain / NFT Basics

Interesting for any company that wants to get a basic knowledge on Blockchain and NFT technology.

Museums and gallery owners

We will provide you with the basic knowledge to understand the NFT Art movement and show you what current and relevant NFT Art platforms you need to be aware of.

Art Artists

We provide you with the knowledge to publish your art on NFT marketplaces.

Art Buyer

We will show you on which relevant NFT art platforms you can trade NFT art and explain the specifics of auction and payment processes.

Wine industry

NFT technology offers wine producers new opportunities to market their products in a differentiated and innovative way. We are pleased to advise you on the possibilities of NFT & Blockchain technology and its strategic application.

Sport Business

We show you what role NFT technology could have for the sports business using current and successful case studies. We show you how to derive and validate possible applications.


We will use current case studies to show you how the
NFT technology can be used successfully in the game industry.

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